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Movable Glass Partition

Operable glazed systems are an increasingly popular and attractive sliding/folding partition option. The fully glazed screens surface are a fresh, modern and exciting way of providing effective space division without visually sectioning off areas. They are ideal for shopping malls, leisure centres, schools, offices, golf clubs, restaurants and banks.

Frameless glass movable walls comprise of individual panels supported from a heavy duty head track with top and bottom aluminum clamp. Panels either stack to one side or are bi-folding.



Consist of glass surrounded with top and bottom aluminum frame of 46mm thickness, visible surface height is 110mm. Each panel has top and bottom sweep seals and a 10mm clearance gap for suspension. Individual or paired panel are available for selection. Standard aluminum frame finish in clear anodized color but it may be ordered powder coated or custom anodized. 

-Track system

We provide a perfect system of aluminum tracks that can be combined with freely selectable ceiling support sections and enables panel weights up to 680kg. The combination of ball-bearing supported castors and high-quality, abrasion-proof plastic material guarantees an operational performance of more than 160km.

-Available Panel type 

Regular sliding panel, fixed swing door panel, sliding swing door panel, sliding paired type panel   

-Panel connection 

Each glass base panel will have a male-female profile which lock on profile side to joint more perfectly. The last panel will have a locking in surface. 

-Closure system 

Each panel has 10mm clearance gap for suspension (total 20mm), each panel have top and bottom sweep seals to cover the gap for sound isolation.

-Locking system 

Each panel has a locking bolt on female profile side which will be hidden by aluminum clamp .


We need to install top track system before we install the panel. Glass panel will be pre-assemble in factory side with complete aluminum frame and roller. 


-Seperated panel type and its stacking options:


-Connected panel type its stacking options:


-Referential pictures:





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